Benson Bubbler Teapot Cozy

The Benson Bubblers are Portland's iconic drinking fountains. Simon Benson, one of Portland''s civic leaders, paid to have these beautiful bronze fountains built and installed in downtown Portland in the early 1900s. A.E. Doyle, a noted architect, designed the four-bowl Benson Bubbler. Thanks to these two gentlemen, we have these very Portland drinking fountains. So cozy on up to a pot of tea in honor or the Benson Bubblers!

Rose City Yarn CrawlThis pattern, designed by Northwest Wools’ own Tinaka Schwendiman, is one of the 2015 Rose City Yarn Crawl pattern series.

Get you own pattern for free by dropping by Northwest Wools during the Rose City Yarn Crawl and making a purchase. For more information about this – and the other Yarn Crawl patterns – please go to Rose City Yarn Crawl Collections on Ravelry.