Wrapped in Voodoo Scarf

This scarf is honoring Portland's most talked about — and waited for — doughnut: VooDoo Doughnut. Their classic Chocolate-covered Doughnuts with Hot Pink Sprinkles adorn the scarf. But best of all — their eponymous VooDoo Doughnut comes alive as the decorative scarf pin! Pay home to this iconic Portland institution with this fun pop scarf — and stick pins in the VoodDoo Doll to smite your enemies!

Rose City Yarn CrawlThis pattern, designed by Northwest Wools’ own Judy Smitke, is one of the 2015 Rose City Yarn Crawl pattern series.

Get you own pattern for free by dropping by Northwest Wools during the Rose City Yarn Crawl and making a purchase. For more information about this – and the other Yarn Crawl patterns – please go to Rose City Yarn Crawl Collections on Ravelry.