Toots LeBlanc & Co. Trunk Show

Michele and Mike Dillon of Toots LeBlanc and Co. Yarns.  Michele custom blends these un-dyed, all natural yarns for a unique, self-haloing effect.

Come meet Michele and Mike Dillon of Toots LeBlanc & Co. Yarns. Michele custom blends these un-dyed, all natural yarns for a unique, self-haloing effect. Yummy! We are the only yarn shop carrying these rare yarns. Great for knitters, weavers and crocheters looking for something super soft with a tight twist.

Michele LeBlanc Dillon has been working with a select group of micro-farms for many years and custom blends these all natural fibers to create her beautiful un-dyed yarns. Michele is like a Vintner in this respect, and she notes the terroir effect on her fibers by dating her yarns by year. How cool is that?! Fiber Artists in the know value her “Farm to Needle” yarns for their tight twist, natural colors and lovely hand.

We are thrilled at the chance to offer you some of these unique yarns with their self halo-ing effect. Quantities are limited, so come early for best selection. We are the only retail yarn shop carrying this very special yarn — so this is your chance to stock up on this highly desirable and rare yarn!

One of a Kind Buttons Trunk Show

Come meet Candace Wilson, the Ceramic Artist behind One of a Kind Buttons. Candace’s buttons, pins and shawl pins are truly unique. She draws all her designs by hand, then creates the stamps to produce these fabulous ceramic items which are truly “one of a kind”!

Come and meet Candace Wilson, the ceramic artist behind One of a Kind Buttons. Many of you know Candace from her beautiful buttons and shawl pins. Along with those, this year Candace will be showcasing her unique ceramic gift items. These are quite lovely and related to the you as a fiber artist. They also make great gift items for the yarn junkies on your list!

Candace draws all her designs by hand, then creates the stamps to produce these fabulous ceramic items – which are truly one of a kind. So this is your chance to find that perfect little something from One of a Kind Buttons!

Shaggy Bear Farms Trunk Show

Meet Wendy Hanson and learn about her very special yarns and fibers from Shaggy Bear Farms. Wendy runs a “Farm to Needle” operation, managing a flock of over 400 animals. And many of these are “rescue animals”! So your purchases not only support Wendy, but also all of these wonderful animals she has saved. Yowza!

Wendy knows all 400+ of her animals by name and sings to them as she shears them! She even has a one legged duck that lives in her bathtub and suggests new yarn colors.

Shaggy Bear Farms creates many lovely yarns and roving with unique fiber combinations – some from rare breeds! Come check out all of the many fiber combinations in Wendy’s yarns and fibers, and meet Wendy herself. You will leave knowing a lot more about the life of a small independent farmer and dyer and her many breeds of animals.

Favour Valley Buttons Trunk Show

Favour Valley Woodworking is a small independent business in New Hampshire creating unique hand-made wood and antler buttons, toggles, shawl pins & accessories. Owner Martha Sunderland is a talented Woodworker who is also dedicated to preserving and celebrating her natural environment.

Martha is inspired by the traditional New England woodworking craft and the beautiful wood available in her Favour Valley. Her goal is to provide beautiful accessories that complement all types of handwork, while at the same time protecting her environment by using sustainable materials, finishes and technologies. No animals or trees were harmed in creating her beautiful buttons, toggles and pins. They are gleaned from natural antler shedding and tree fall.

The Favour Valley Scarf Buckle was recently featured in Vogue Knitting. And her Antler Buttons are currently showcased in the Winter issues of both Interweave Knits and Knitscene. Here at Northwest Wools, we have carried all of Martha’s beautiful hand-crafted buttons, toggles and shawl pins for several years and love the distinct look they give our fiber art projects!


Three Fates Yarns Trunk Show

Stephania Fregosi, owner of Three Fates Yarn, creates amazing yarn gradients.

We invite you to join Stephania Fregosi, of Three Fates Yarns, an Indie Dyer from Salem, Oregon, for a trunk show featuring her fabulous yarns and fibers. Steph is well known for her use of colors – especially notable in her gradient yarns and fibers. Gradient yarns are in single skeins or packaged in smaller bundles.

The name of Steph’s company, Three Fates, comes from the three Greek goddesses, also known as The Fates or the Moirae. Their names are Lachesis, Clotho and Atrophos, and they are sometimes known as the Spinner, the Weaver and the Cutter. They spin the thread of life, weave it into a tapestry and determine when it’s cut off. Isn’t this a great company name for a yarn company?!

Steph has created custom dyed yarns for our RCYC Featured Knit Pattern. Yowza! The yarns are mini-skeins in an assortment of colors that reflect our Rose City Yarn Crawl theme of “Waterways”. We are excited and pleased to be able to offer you these limited edition yarns in a special kit available only during the Rose City Yarn Crawl. Thanks Stephania!

Stephania Fregosi, owner of Three Fates Yarn, creates amazing yarn gradients.