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Sanctuary Shrug

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The Sanctuary Shrug is an easy woven garment designed to cover your shoulders and leave your hands and arms free. It can be worn in several ways and with or without a shawl pin. The Shrug is woven in plain weave with hemstitching and loose fringe. It can be woven on either a rigid heddle or 4-shaft loom.  If you are tired of weaving scarves, then this is the perfect next project!

Pattern is designed by Peg Silloway of Silloway Weaving Studios.

This design is for those who have an intermediate level of weaving experience, who know how to warp their loom, thread it, do plain weave, hemstitch, and wet finish their weaving. Be sure to follow the sett epi and weft ppi in order to create a nice drape. There is sufficient yarn to weave the full length at these specifications.