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We've designed exclusive knit and crochet patterns as part of the Rose City Yarn Crawl, and we are so excited to finally share them with everyone! The patterns will be made available on February 23rd and will be free with any in-store or online purchase from our shop during Crawl.

Magical Me Scarf

The Magical Me Scaft celebrates the magic we perform whenever we pick up our knitting wands and yarn. As Knitting Wizards, we have many spells we can perform, and many variations within them. Will we throw in a cable? Spice things up with some lace?

The Magical Me Scarf casts its spell with modular knitting, combining easy garter stitch with simple lace in a pattern that will hold your interest throughout. And this scarf has an additional trick up its sleeve — it can also be a cowl! Instructions include the additional magic motions needed to transform your Magical Me Scarf into a Magical Me Cowl.

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Magic Mock Cable Bag

Every Crochet Wizard needs a place to keep their magic supplies, and this bag, infused with magic from beginning to end, is just the ticket!

The magic begins with the yarn: Berroco Remix is made with 100% recycled cloth, collected from the ready-made clothing industry, transformed back into fiber, and re-spun into yarn. Next, cable shapes are summoned through slight of hook, adding both structure and decoration to this handy bag.

What will you keep in yours?

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Yarn Crawl Trunk Shows

A huge part of the upcoming Rose City Yarn Crawl are the fabulous trunk shows that we host. This year we are so excited to welcome back some old Northwest Wools friends, as well as a brand-new face for the shop!

Garage Dyeworks

Thursday, February 23
10 am to 6 pm

Sharon Spence of Garage Dyeworks will kick off our crawl with her fetching collection of colors on a range of luxurious bases. A girl with a passion for color and yarn, Sharon uses only the finest quality fibers and professional-grade acid dyes in her creative process, and it shows in her creations.

Garage Dyeworks grew right here in Hillsboro! Sharon started offering hand-dyed yarns for sale in 2008 when she was branding herself as Stitch Jones. She draws inspiration from nature and the Pacific Northwest, which can be seen in her bright, vibrant colors and creatively named colorways. She loves seeing what customers create from her hand-dyed yarns, and we’re excited to see what she brings.

Three Fates Yarns

Friday, February 24
10 am to 6 pm

Steph Fregosi of Three Fates Yarns will join us again with her vibrant colors and lovingly crafted yarns. The daughter of two semi-retired artists, Steph’s life-long obsession with color is apparent in her gorgeous colorways and ombre cakes. Many of her products are fine yarns, which can be used for a wide variety of projects but are specifically crafted to make stunning socks, gloves, or mittens.

The name Three Fates comes from the Greek Goddesses known as The Fates or the Moirae. They are sometimes known as the spinner, the weaver, and the cutter as they spin the thread of life, weave it into a tapestry, and determine its ending. Steph appreciates the connection between these goddesses and contemporary crafters, who make heirloom garments meant to last generations, following the thread of someone's family story through a knitted garment.

Favour Valley Woodworking

Friday, February 24
10 am to 6 pm

Martha Sunderland of Favour Valley Woodworking will be back with her beautifully hand-crafted buttons, toggles, shawl pins, and accessories. Her goal is to provide captivating accessories that complement all types of handwork, while at the same time protecting the environment by using sustainable materials, finishes, and technologies.

Favour Valley Woodworking began in the woods of New England, steeped in old-world craft and esthetic. Having recently moved to the Willamette Valley, Martha is now getting to add wood from Oregon’s cherry, pear, plum, apple, walnut, and hazelnut orchards as well as fir, maple, and oak from our forests to her repertoire of fabulous materials.

Shaggy Bear Farms

Saturday, February 25
10 am to 6 pm

and Sunday, February 26
12 noon to 5 pm

Wendy Hanson of Shaggy Bear Farms runs a farm-to-needle business in Scio, Oregon, where she raises her animals and hand-dyes her yarn. Her trunk show is a staple for Northwest Wools, and we are so excited to have her incredible fibers on display for two full days. Wendy focuses on raising, promoting, and making yarn and roving from rare, endangered, and lesser-known fiber, so her unique and dazzling shows are not to be missed!

For almost 2 decades, Shaggy Bear Farms has raised, bred, and rescued animals from over 40 breeds of sheep, goats, rabbits, and llamas. All of the fiber, with the exception of the silk and alpaca that are added to some yarns and roving, is from their farm and dyed by hand. All proceeds go back into the farm and help care for the over 400 animals that call Shaggy Bear Farms home.

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