Build A Crochet Basket

Build A Crochet Basket

Monday, July 29 | 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Instructor: Jacob

Crochet the basket of your dreams in this class, as we explore how to shape a 3-D object and insert a colorwork pattern of your choice!

Instructor Jacob will help you decide the size and shape of your finished project, as well as help you plan out the colorwork design that you'd like to put on the sides. The yarn used for this project is Circulo Yarns T-shirt Yarn, which creates a sturdy and easy-to-care-for fabric — the photographed sample used a total of two skeins of yarn. From there, you are welcome to adapt the project as you'd like to.

Materials are not included in the class fee, but registered students receive a 10% discount on yarn and supplies purchased in the shop. The photographed sample basket used two skeins of T-shirt Yarn and a US L crochet hook.

Register here.

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