Session 3: Weave 2/1 Twill with Two Heddles

Session 3: Weave 2/1 Twill with Two Heddles

Friday, May 27, 2022
10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Instructor: Sylvia Emard
Class fee: $45

Learn to Weave with Double Heddles on a Rigid Heddle Loom in Three Sessions

Are you ready to take your Rigid Heddle Weaving to the next level? Explore the expanded possibilities of double heddle weaving in these three specialty weaving classes. Sign up for one, two or all three!

Because the classroom is small, students will warp their looms at home before each session, but threading the heddles will be done in class. Sessions are scheduled two weeks apart to give you the opportunity to continue sampling and practicing at home before preparing for a new session.

In order to keep everyone safe, proof of vaccination is required to register for this class. Mask wearing is encouraged but not required.

Session 3: Weave 2/1 Twill with Two Heddles

Thread your rigid heddle loom at a 1.5 density sett with two identically sized heddles, then weave 2/1 twill using two heddles to create a twill weave sampler of diagonal lines and patterns. Learn straight twill threading and point twill threading.

Handout with instructions included.


  • Rigid heddle loom with double heddle capacity
  • Two rigid heddles of identical size: 7.5/8-dent, 10-dent, or 12/12.5-dent
  • Stick shuttles
  • Reed hook and threading hook
  • 200-300 yards of yarn in two contrasting colors. Yarn should be of slightly lighter weight than for a single heddle:
    • DK or sport weight for two 7.5 or 8 dent heddles
    • Sport or fingering weight for two 10 dent heddles
    • Lace weight for two 12 dent heddles
  • String or scrap yarn
  • Ability to warp your loom at home

A homework sheet will be provided upon registration, to be completed before the class session.

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